ImgSPEC Overview

The Geospatial Imaging Spectroscopy Processing Environment on the Cloud (ImgSPEC) is a research and development prototype sponsored by the NASA Earth Science Science Technology Office (ESTO) Advanced Information System Technology (AIST) program. This program “identifies, develops, and supports adoption of software and information systems, as well as novel computer science technologies expected to be needed by the [NASA] Earth Science Division in the 5-10-year timeframe.”


Technology Readiness for operational use of AIST technologies typically fall between Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 1-6. ImgSPEC will be TRL 5 by January 2023, which means that ImgSPEC has “end-to-end software elements implemented and interfaced with existing systems/simulations conforming to target environment. End-to-end software system, has been tested in relevant environment, and meets predicted performance. Operational environment performance is predicted and prototype implementations developed.”