Under the Hood

ImgSPEC’s system design leverages existing technologies (Technology Readiness Level 3+) including:
  • Multi-mission Algorithm and Analysis Platform (MAAP) – a coding user interface for launching user-preferred workspaces like Jupyter notebooks with access to scalable backend cloud computing
  • Hybrid Science Data System (HySDS) – a hybrid data system that optimizes compute across cloud and on-prem resources
  • EcoSIS – a open, community-curated spectral library repository 
  • EcoSML – a curated repository of open-source code and algorithms for working with spectroscopy data
  • Common Mapping Client – a web mapping service
  • NASA Earthdata Search – faceted data search and subsetting to enable data discovery
  • NASA Common Metadata Repository – a database of metadata for NASA data search, discovery, and access

System Architecture

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